Top Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Divorce Lawyer NYC

Divorce cases can be messy, but a qualified divorce lawyer NYC can make the process much
easier for you. The legal industry is like any other sector, with brilliant professionals as well as a
few bad apples. It is important to do some research in order to find out about lawyers who are
experienced and legitimate. Here are some important tips to help you avoid some common
mistakes while hiring divorce attorneys.

Cheap is not always good
Resist the temptation to opt for a lawyer who charges cheap but does not have a good track
record when it comes to handling divorce cases. Many people, in order to save on money, look
for attorneys with cheap rates but who are actually unable to give the attention that the cases
deserve. While you should look for inexpensive lawyers, ensure that the one that you choose is
experienced, expert and a successful legal portfolio.

Not knowing about the rates beforehand
You should ask about the rates directly, and get a written estimate beforehand. Request a
contract terminology and full schedule of fees in advance. The contract should include
particulars about the hourly billing of the firm, approximations on how many hours will be
billed, the time spent on standard tasks related to divorce proceedings and other assorted charges.
Request the attorney to give you a sample invoice, so that you can find out how he bills tasks and
how the bills would be reported to you. The divorce lawyer NYC should provide you with
letters, copies of pleadings and other associated documents on-time.

Not hiring a local lawyer
Many people end up hiring a lawyer who is away from their home or office. This compels them
to commute for a long time, or have their attorney travel for long. It would be a more sensible
decision for you to recruit an attorney who is located near your house, as it will significantly
lower any billable travel costs related to your case. Whenever possible, you should plan on
delivering court filings and documents yourself, so that you can save on the costs of billable

Not checking his association
Find out whether the divorce lawyer NYC is related to a legal firm of local legal association, so
that you can be assured that the lawyer will not violate any ethical or professional standards.
Take some time out to investigate whether the firm is a credible one, so that the attorney can be
relied on.

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