Top Factors to Consider While Hiring Divorce Lawyers for Women

Divorce cases are painful and emotionally draining, and can be heartbreaking for most women –
especially those who face problems with alimony, custody of child, child visitation, domestic
abuse / violence and more. Women need a qualified and expert attorney to handle their divorce
cases. Here are some important factors to consider while looking for divorce lawyers for

Check whether the divorce lawyer is a friendly one, and find out whether the person is amiable
and a nice disposition. A divorce has a terrible impact on the psyche of a woman and usually
makes her experience extremes of emotions. A friendly attorney is also important when it comes
to handling embarrassing information, such as marital rape, domestic abuse, extramarital affairs
etc. You should check your level of comfort and ease of communication with the professional
before opting for the person. If you are not satisfied with the communication ease, look for some
other lawyer.

Satisfaction level
Make sure that the past female customers are satisfied with the lawyer. Directly ask the
professional to provide you with names and contact details of a few previous customers. Check
with them and find out whether they are content with the services, rates etc. Many women like to
have only females to handle their cases while others are okay working with male attorneys as
well. Irrespective of which type of divorce lawyers for women you choose, make sure that he or
she offers satisfactory services and has a good track record.

Area of expertise / specialization
It is also important to find out whether the lawyer has expertise or specialization in the type of
divorce case that you have. For instance, if you are seeking an end to your marriage for domestic
violence, drug abuse or intoxication of your spouse or some other cause, you need to ensure that
your attorney specializes in that area of divorce cases.

Look at association with Women’s rights groups
It would be useful to have a legal professional having association with Women’s rights groups,
who can help battered women, raped women, women facing domestic abuse or violence etc,
particularly if you are also facing such problems. At times, judges in some states tend to ignore
or downplay the seriousness of domestic abuse and do not even believe that it has an impact on
kids. Working with divorce lawyers for women having an association with Women’s rights
groups can be useful in such cases.

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