How to Get Affordable Divorce Lawyers with Little or No Money?

The overall legal expenses associated with divorce attorneys can be quite high. That is why you
should look for divorce attorneys who charge inexpensively. Here are some useful tips to help
you to hire affordable divorce lawyers with little or no money.

Go for an uncontested divorce
This is a simple and quick process. Visit the website of the court for your state to obtain forms
for an uncontested divorce, or visit the office of the court clerk for the same. The website can
help you to get authentic information about the same. You can possibly file for the divorce
yourself. This is a good way to get legal assistance if you do not have money to pay for your
divorce proceedings.

Call the local bar association
Get a referral from the local bar association in your state. Get referrals for a no cost or low cost
legal services program present in your zone. You can take a loan from friends or sell your
wedding ring and agree to pay in installments to your attorney. If all that fails, you can try and
get a pro se from the court which gives you the right to represent yourself in the court.

Enquire about a volunteer lawyer program
You can ask the local bar association and find out whether your area has a volunteer lawyer
program. Most affordable divorce lawyers commonly donate a specific number of hours every
day to a volunteer lawyer program and offer their services to clients who cannot afford legal
services otherwise. In case you cannot find any such program, you should know about the
chairperson of the local family law or matrimonial law in your state or local bar. Enquire him
whether any local attorneys are there to assist people like you who have little or no money. If
other methods fail, you can possibly find an individual or company who can assist you in
working out a proper payment plan according to your situation.

Hire a paralegal service
File your own legal documents. You can check the website of your state court for this purpose.
There is information and tutorials on many websites that inform how to complete legal forms. If
that fails to work, it would be sensible to hire a paralegal service. It can be more inexpensive
than many affordable divorce lawyers. However, it can always be good to look for good
professional, affordable divorce lawyers.

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