How to Find Good, Cheap Divorce Lawyers near Me?

A divorce case is a costly affair, and many people have to pay high fees when they are stuck with
a bad attorney who tends to charge a lot. However, it is possible to have your legal proceedings
associated with divorces in a cheap way. For people who wonder – how to find cheap divorce
lawyers near me – here are some useful tips to help you search for inexpensive attorneys to
handle your case.

Get referrals
Ask your neighbors and friends to get referrals about cheap divorce lawyers. This is a first-hand
way to know about inexpensive attorneys. It can be useful to research on the Internet to find an
inexpensive lawyer for your needs. Find out about the fees – whether they are hourly rates, flat
fees and any extra hidden expenses such as about charges regarding letters, phone calls etc. Have
a written contract about the fees.

Interview various attorneys
You should interview about 5 – 10 attorneys. Most of them are likely to have low hourly rates
and will charge a flat fee one-time. In case your divorce case appears to be especially hostile or
anticipate having some complications – involving custody, alimony etc, it is better that you settle
for hourly rates. Cheap divorce lawyers near me should not charge over 100 USD per hour.
However, the rates can differ based on your location.

Have proper communication
Proper communication is the best way to save money and time, to ensure that you are aware of
upcoming deadlines for hearings and information. It will let you compile all the important details
and save the expenses of having an attorney to handle your case. Handle any legwork possible,
so as to save on every billable hour. Keep your emails and phone calls brief and to the point.
Make a list of all your questions and ask them all at once. Remember that you will be charged
each time your lawyer picks up your phone call or reads and responds to your email.

While it is important not to be too stingy about paying for a good lawyer, it is also important to
remember that you should not pay an attorney unnecessarily for the same services. As a client, it
would always be in your interests to check the demands, qualification and experience of the
attorney – and get the services at affordable costs. This is a good way to find cheap divorce
lawyers near me.

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