Do’s and Don’ts While Choosing Affordable Divorce Lawyers

A divorce attorney can present your divorce case effectively in court, and ensure that your
marriage ends with a fair trial for you – whether it comes to the division of assets, child custody,
alimony, debt or insurance settlement and other things. When you make up your mind that you
will separate from your spouse, a lawyer is who you need right away – preferably one who
charges reasonably but offers good services. Here are some of your do’s and don’ts while
choosing affordable divorce lawyers.

Things to Do
Before meeting the attorney, you should make a full list of questions. This will save both of you
a lot of time during the free initial consultation. Make a comprehensive list of all your important

Make proper inquiries, and try to collect as much vital information about the professional as
possible, his services, his past experience, how many cases he won and lost etc. Know about his
working schedule, charges for a divorce case, maximum working hours etc. With a proper
inquiry, you can choose a good divorce lawyer for your case. Do not feel shy to ask a lot while
you are trying to choose affordable divorce lawyers to deal with your divorce case.

Discuss his past cases, and directly ask him about the most challenging cases in his career. This
will make him open up and you can easily find out whether is smart enough to handle your case.
This is especially important if your case is a particularly complex one, and involves the division
of large assets, custody of children from your spouse’ former marriage and more.

Things Not to Do
Do not go for the first cheap attorney that you find. Invest enough time to check the quality and
look at the reviews, ratings and responses for each one.

Do not hold back while interviewing divorce attorneys. Although you should keep the
discussions brief and to the point, share full details about your case in a summarized form. Ask
some direct questions about how each of them plans to deal with your legal issues.

Do not hesitate to get the charges in writing. In your quest for affordable divorce lawyers, it is
easy to fall for legal professionals who can have hidden charges for clients. Once your case gets
over, you can get slammed with a huge legal bill that might put you in financial jeopardy. Thus,
it is better to get a written estimate beforehand.

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