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To begin divorce proceedings, you must ask a lawyer to draft the petition for divorce. Here is a list of documents to provide.

Create your divorce application file: practical tips
The divorce application procedure is standardized. That is to say, it is the same regardless of the type of divorce that the husband or the couple ask for.

Start with a lawyer. It is mandatory in the context of a divorce proceeding.

It is the lawyer who will draft the documents (petition, summons, convention, etc.), will represent his client before the Family Court Judge and advise his client throughout the procedure. The first step is to find the right lawyer.

Once the spouse who wishes to divorce has chosen his lawyer, he must ask him to draft a petition for divorce. It is the filing of this petition which is the starting point of the divorce proceedings.

To draft the petition, the lawyer needs his client to provide him with all the necessary information and documents.

Note: The documents to be provided are not the same depending on whether it is a contentious divorce or a divorce by mutual consent.

Documents to provide for a contentious divorce

Family record book
Full photocopy of the marriage certificate less than three months old
Transcription of the marriage certificate at the Central Civil Status Office of Nantes if the marriage was celebrated abroad
Full photocopy of the birth certificates of the two French spouses, less than three months old
Full photocopy of the birth certificate provided by the Central Civil Status Office of Nantes for persons born abroad but of French nationality
Photocopy of the birth certificate of less than six months accompanied by an official translation of less than one year for foreign nationals
Full photocopy of the birth certificates of children less than three months old (including children of full age)
Wedding contract
Photocopy of the identity documents of both spouses
Photocopy of the vital cards of both spouses
Last three payslips of both spouses
Tax notice
Proof of residence of less than three months
Proof of credits if there are any (consumer credits + real estate loans)
Acts of sale or deeds of purchase of real estate in common if there is any
Address and number of pension funds
List and numbers of bank accounts, home savings loans, home savings plans, booklet A etc.
The amount and origin of the sums deposited on the accounts
The lease or title of occupation of the dwelling
Documents relating to donations made between spouses
– Life insurance contracts
Documents relating to real estate
Names and addresses of employers of both spouses
EDF invoices, GDF, telephone etc.

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