Divorce Lawyer NYC – Tips to Find the Right One

It is important to opt for a divorce lawyer, if you wish to ensure a favorable outcome for you in
your divorce proceedings – whether it comes to child visitation issues, child custody, will,
alimony or division of valuable assets. All these need the expertise of a divorce attorney, who
can ensure a perfect settlement that keeps your interests satisfied. Here are some important tips to find the right divorce lawyer NYC for your needs.

Get in touch with the New York OCA
Contact the State Office of Court Administration (OCA) of New York. You can find out when
the lawyer was given the permission for legal practice in New York, where the attorney went to
school, time of graduation of the lawyer and whether he has a history of disciplinary actions or
enjoys a good standing.

Contact the bar association
There is a list of practicing attorneys in the Bar Association for every state. The list comprises of
particular zones where every attorney practices, and his specific expertise area. If you wish to
find a divorce lawyer NYC, call up the Bar Association. Specify your needs to the Bar
Association and the area and state that you live in. Try to get the contact information of some
divorce attorneys from the Association.

Browse the internet
Browse the web to look for divorce lawyers in your area. Make a list with the contact details and
names of attorneys, so that you can easily connect with them when you need. Some attorneys are
likely to have their own websites and blogs, which can inform about their success and experience
with divorce cases. You can get an initial idea about the type of services by the divorce
attorneys, and verify the same during personal calls or face to face meetings with attorneys.
Check news stories, website and legal blogs to get important online information about the
lawyers, for a proper background check.

Get word of mouth recommendations
Contact your colleagues and friends who are divorcees and ask for referrals from them about
divorce lawyers that they might have engaged with. This can be a useful way to know which of
the attorneys are competent, how much they charge, whether they ensure a fair division of assets,
granting of alimony etc. It is also a good idea to know about marriage counselors, therapists etc
to know whether they can refer you a good divorce lawyer NYC.

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