Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation – What are Some Important Things to Share?

A divorce case involves a permanent separation after the termination of marriage, and you need a
qualified legal professional to help you see the end of the process. Free consultations are offered
by divorce attorneys to help clients find out about the quality of their services as well as to
determine the legal options that are open for you. Find out about some of the most important
things that you should share during a divorce lawyer free consultation.

Legal documents
Make sure that you take along copies of all your legal documents present with you, such as a
domestic incident report, an order of protection, divorce summons or a postnuptial or prenuptial
agreement. In case an attorney represents you already and you wish to change counsel, be ready
to discuss all that has taken place so far in your case. Bring along agreements or copies of court

Personal Goals
In other words, you should share what your preferred outcome from the case is. If you are more
honest with the legal professional right from the beginning of the case, you can have more
effective suggestions and recommendations from your attorney. Inform the lawyer whether you
want the custody of your child or want your spouse – who might be more available – to look
after your kid. You should consider such questions before meeting with the professional during
the divorce lawyer free consultation.

Future objectives
It is important not to hide anything important to your lawyer. Most people wish to terminate a
marriage in order to be able to marry some other person. In some states, people who wish to
remarry are legally required to wait for some time after the court proceedings are over. A divorce
attorney who knows about the local laws can inform you whether or not you need to wait before
marrying again. The legal professional can also enlighten you about the time span that you
should wait for before remarriage.

Injuries and favorable information
If you have been hit by your spouse, you can show the injuries to the attorney. If they are in a
private area, photograph the injuries from up-close and show the photos during the divorce
lawyer free consultation. You should also share other information that can favor your chances
of a better outcome for your divorce case – such as whether your spouse has been a repeat
offender, served sometime in the prison, the type of offences he has been involved in, whether he
is involved in extramarital affairs etc.

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