Divorce Lawyer Free Consultation – How to Make the Most of the Opportunity?

A divorce lawyer free consultation can be very useful, as it lets both lawyers and clients know
each other. They can think about their priority areas and objectives before they move ahead with
the case. Generally, a free legal consultation goes on for around 1 hour. During this time, you
can share details about your divorce cases with your attorney and know about the legal options
and rights that are open for you. As a client, a free consultation can be a great opportunity for
you. Find out how to make the most of this opportunity.

Make emotional preparations
Keep in mind that you have to discuss various personal things, something that you might not be
used to during the discussion. It is particularly the case when you are facing familial or marital
problems. You might feel like expressing your pain, frustration, anger or even cry while talking
to the professional. Before you meet the lawyer, acknowledge that it is normal to exhibit such

Write your questions down
It would be a good idea to write down all the questions that you would like to ask to your lawyer.
You might get emotionally charged during the divorce lawyer free consultation, and forget
some important things that you are supposed to ask. Keep in mind that one hour of consultation
period will not be enough, and you have to pack in all the important questions into that period –
including on credit card debt, student loans, bank loans, equity loans, mortgages etc. When you
have an upfront discussion on such important issues, your lawyer can get a proper idea about
your situation and immediately spot any possible issues.

Discussing your income
You should be ready to discuss your income, which is an important piece of information. It will
help the attorney determine how much a party has to pay, whether in terms of spousal
maintenance or child support. The income level will also play a role in your capacity to pursue

Do not hide important details
It can be embarrassing to discuss some details, whether it comes to extramarital affair, domestic
violence or marital rape. However, you should not conceal these and not keep anything
confidential during the divorce lawyer free consultation. Unless you reveal all such details,
your lawyer will not be able to understand your specific situation. Whether or not you consider a
piece of information relevant to your case, it is important to share it.

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