Cheap Divorce Lawyers Near Me – How to Determine their Quality?

Where can I get cheap divorce lawyers near me – is a question that is on the minds of most
people who are facing a divorce case but wish to get an attorney who charges low. But you must
ask about the following scenarios to ensure that your quest for cheap legal services does not land
you in trouble.

Debts and assets
The cheap divorce lawyer must offer you options to safeguard your future. He should explain
legalities about your alimony and how the debt that might have incurred at the time of marriage
would be split. The court can decide how the division of the debts will be done, in case you do
not agree on the manner of division with your spouse in a mutual way. The court might want to
divide the property and assets in a uniform way between you and your spouse. It can also decide
on the division of the properties obtained at the time of marriage in a reasonable and fair way.

Child custody
Cheap divorce lawyers near me should be very helpful during the discussion of child custody
and child support. The custody of the kid can be awarded to either parent, and either you or your
spouse will be ordered for paying for child care and support. In this case, the court would check
various important factors to determine the support, which includes the future education of the
child, his / her present living conditions etc.

Division of bills and possessions
While determining the division of bills and possessions, your attorney should be extremely
assistive. He should provide you with various options in case your divorce case is contested. At
times, parties simply refuse to sign documents presented to them. Your spouse might not consent
to the proceeding and would like to cling to you in one way or another, or just refuse to sign the
document from resentment against you. Your lawyer should request orders that would last until
the resolution of the case. This order can come to effect to ensure the payment of bills and ensure
that at least one party assumes responsibility for the same.

When you hire cheap divorce lawyers near me, the quality and expertise will always be under
question. It is important to ask about the above scenarios to your attorney beforehand and gauge
from his responses whether he is knowledgeable enough to handle your case.

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