affordable divorce lawyers

It is possible to benefit from the services of a lawyer for free.

Houses of justice and law or the departmental centers of access to the law offer people free consultations.

These organizations are present throughout the French territory. Just inquire.

In some town halls, some district courts (TI) or high courts (TGI), lawyers are available and offer advice free of charge.

Town halls can also offer people who request it consultation vouchers. The unit value of these vouchers is around 40 euros.

This makes it possible, without making the use of a free lawyer, to reduce the cost of the fees.

People who belong to a union can check with their union. He has lawyers he can put at the disposal of the members.

Does legal aid cover the costs of the lawyer?
Legal aid may cover all or part of the lawyer’s fees.

The degree of coverage of the AJ depends on the applicant’s income and the number of people the applicant has to support.

The poorest people can benefit from full coverage of their legal fees (we speak of 100% legal aid), the others with coverage of 85%, 70%, 55%, 40%, 25% % or 15%.

To know the percentage of care you can benefit from, you should consult the scale of legal aid.

Note that this scale is increased if you have people (children, ascendants …) dependent.

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