5 Questions to Ask to Divorce Lawyers for Women

No woman wants to go through the painful process of divorce, but life is unpredictable and it is
often better to terminate a bad marriage rather than continue with it for an entire lifetime. A good
divorce attorney can make the process of separation much easier and hassle free for you. When
you are interviewing any of the divorce lawyers for women, here are 5 important questions that
you should ask.

How will my child custody be determined?
Sole legal and physical custody indicate that you can take all the decisions for your child, but
will be unable to see him or her. In Joint legal and physical custody, you can take decisions along
with your spouse and share some time with your child. In Sole legal and joint physical custody,
you can take every legal decision and be able to share time with your child.

How can I safeguard myself while leaving my abusive husband?
Divorce lawyers for women would possibly advice you to get in touch with your local domestic
violence shelter for resources, shelter, counseling, advice etc to handle such situations. You can
check the Hotline website to find similar services in your area. You may even call 911 if you are
in immediate danger. You may approach your local family court to obtain an order of protection
or restraining order, and file for child support and custody. Get a referral from your local bar

How can I get ready for the custody battle?
Recollect the last 6 – 12 months of your life with your spouse, and write down all that he and
you have done. It will let you show to the court of law that you are the main caretaker of your
kid(s) and you can do well as a single parent. Document all the information about what you do
for your children every day. Create a photo album of your recent photos of you with your
children, happy and smiling and indulging in various activities.

How can I decide on child visitation?
In case you are going for a Joint legal and physical custody, you need to sit down with your
spouse and discuss your calendar year together. It is a good way to find out about the dates to
create a 50/50 split.

How will the alimony be decided?
Divorce lawyers for women usually state that the rules vary by state, income, financial assets,
span of marriage etc.

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